VLOG – Captain America: Civil War LEAKED SCRIPT? Speculation & Spoilers

There has been a Civil War Leak ?

Allegedly the script for Captain America 3: Civil War leaked and a lot of true believers are talking about it. Is it the actual script? Is it fake? If it is real, will Marvel change it?

On this video I get into some of the big talking points of the script leak as well as compare it with cast notes as well as the Civil War storyline in the comics.

Video – Disney’s OFFICIAL Star Wars Canon

What is Canon in Star Wars? This video goes over some of the older canon, specifically from the George Lucas era, talking about the Zahn Books and some of Expanded Universe, and then segue into Disney’s 4 Billion Dollar Purchase of Star Wars and how they have essentially scrapped the EU (renamed it ‘Legends’) and have now created their own canon to prevent plot holes as well as the Lucasfilm Story Group. This is Disney’s Official Star Wars Canon! Enjoy!

Welcome to the NEW SuperfriendsUniverse.com – Entertainment for Cool People

Hey folks!

After a lot of work that I had to literally do BY MYSELF, the new layout for SuperfriendsUniverse.com is here.

But the site isn’t just the same shit with a pretty face, we’re taking a slight shift in direction. Although the web site will continue to be the “Epitome of Manliness” in every way, let’s not scare off any lovely ladies that may want to check it out. And thus, I have redubbed the site “entertainment for cool people” – because we provide content that cool people like – TV, movies, video games, and more. We’re also doing more video-based entertainment as both myself and Mr. Eddie have hopped on Youtube in hopes to expand both the popularity of the site as well as our own creativity, and we’d also like to welcome the Retromancers and MistareFusion from Youtube to the family. The Retromancers provide unique double-person Let’s Plays and Movie Commentaries of vintage classic video games and films. MistareFusion is a complete mixed bag – Lance is a guy who is very intelligent, very entertaining, and very creative. He is most known for his in depth Dragon Ball Dissection videos, as well as his bad ass reviews of Super Sentai, films, and much more.

I will personally spend more time on the site developing and helping people with a hands on approach. I feel like sometimes I haven’t been the most approachable guy. I’m working on that. But now things are different. The idea here is to be CONSISTENTLY entertaining to each and every one of you. I can no longer support having on and off-type content. We need to continue as best as possible. Yeah shit happens, but lets try really hard to build this thing together. So that is our new focus!

So tell a friend, spread the word, and hell, if you wanna contribute, hit me up! Click that ABOUT US button and you’ll have many different ways to contact us.

Thanks again. Love you all. Take care of yourself and each other.
Big D