Lucha Bros 146 – The FIRST Monday Night Raw Review and the History of Raw

RAW has been on the air for 25 YEARS! Today we look back on the HISTORY OF MONDAY NIGHT RAW – from its humble beginnings, Prime Time Wrestling, WWF Mania, and we review the FIRST MONDAY NIGHT RAW EVER! We discuss Matt Borne, Damien Demento, Razor Ramon’s Alpha Promo, BOB BARTLETT!, Bobby Heenan wackiness, and much more! More

Lucha Bros 145 – 2017 in Wrestling Part 2

PART 2 of our review of the year 2017. THIS TIME we discuss the fall of NXT in 2017 and the mistakes that were made, the horrible 205 Live show and how it has declined since Neville left, the complete mess that is TNA and how it always seems to survive, we discuss the state of lucha including new companies popping up, Vince McMahon starting up Alpha Entertainment and the state of TV, and we also look at the wrestlers that are no longer with us PLUS people in the film industry. More

Lucha Bros 144 – 2017 in Wrestling Part 1

We review the YEAR 2017 in wrestling (plus Star Wars). In fact, TONS of movie talk early on including McHollywood’s obsession with franchising movies. We discuss Hideo Itami’s Lack of Future, the BEST feuds of 2017, Best PPVs of 2017, Samoa Joe’s drawing power, Kurt Angle’s dumb storyline with his fake son, the RUINATION of Bailey AND MORE! More

Lucha Bros 143 – 2017 Alphas and Betas of Wrestling Part II

Draven issues yet ANOTHER apology as we dissect the SMACKDOWN ROSTER of WWE – Who is Alpha and Beta on the roster BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY – Star Wars THE LAST JEDI talk! This movie can suck a big one and we discuss why. If you like the movie, cover your ears or grow some balls. PLUS, we answer your Facebook Questions, we talk about ALPHA ENTERTAINMENT, AUROLUCHA hiring Russo and Ronnie & Donnie, the ALPHA levels of Randy Orton, we talk about RAMON ROUGEAU again which is ALWAYS a treat, the BETA levels of Lio Rush, and everybody gets berried.

Lucha Bros 142 – 2017 Alphas and Betas of Wrestling Part I

MERRY CHRISTMAS (Unless you’re a jew like Dave Meltzer)! Draven and D RETURN on Lucha Bros as we discuss the ALPHAS and BETAS of WWE. We start with the Raw roster. Is WOKEN Matt Hardy an alpha or is he still beta? What about the WOMEENNN? Which are Cluster Bs? This is guaranteed to be our most politically INCORRECT show ever! NOTE: We recorded this on December 7th so BE AWARE!

Lucha Bros 140 – WWF Summerslam 1989 Pt 2

Part II of our SUMMER SHAM review takes us back to 1989 as we discuss the GREAT Rougeaus once again, Dicky Martel, Terry Gene, Dicky Rude vs The Anabolic Warrior in an AMAZING match, Roddy Piper shows his man parts, Tiny Lister and Randy Poffo try to conjure up demons from the MISER, and so much more! Hope you all enjoy!


Lucha Bros 139 – WWF Summerslam 1989 Pt 1

ZEE GANGSTA arrives from the MOVIE UNIVERSE to the WWE VERSE as we talk about SummerSHAM 1989! We discuss the WWF in 1989 business-wise, we talk about house show loops vs PPVs, long storylines vs angles, the boom of 1989 and the influx of NWA guys, the crowds then vs now, the Hart Foundation vs The Brain Busters and Bobby Heenan (RIP), Dusty Rhodes vs The Honky Tonky Man, and Red Rooster vs Mr Perfect and talk about the injury.


Lucha Bros 138 – Old Wrestling vs New Wrestling Pt 3

PART 3 of our Old vs New show has arrived but we’ve got a SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN: The BETA PAPER CHAMPION Daniel Cormier gets his belt back, Star Wars gets JJ back, and we get Big D back after Hurricane Irma. We discuss the latest in pro wrestling including Vince McMahon being an ALPHA in a segment with Kevin Owens, and then dissect Old vs New Wrestling one more time!