Superfriends vs. The World #102 – Eros on Ego (w/ Dr. Eros Zelos)

Dr. Eros Zelos is back on the show to talk in depth about one word – Ego. We talk about the secret desires of man and how they are exploited, how the ego tries to protect you from getting hurt and how it can actually be a bad thing, how self actualization can help, how the ego can be used in both positive and negative ways, and really an explanation on WHAT it is… all of this being VERY important to the development of man. 2 Hours!

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Superfriends vs. The World #101 – The Psychology of Bullying (w/ Dr. Eros Zelos)

Eros Zelos returns on a very special edition of Superfriends vs. The World as we continue our talk from episode 100 – this time with world renounced psychologist Dr. Eros Zelos. Dr. Zelos breaks down the psychological causes and effects of bullying in both adults and children and has an in depth discussion of the different parameters of bullying throughout the years including bullying in the workplace, school, and we attempt to answer the question about why its become such a mainstream deal in modern times. Download the show and remember to support Jeranemoe!

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Superfriends vs. The World #100 – Jeranemoe vs. Bullying (w/ Alessandra)

Its the 100th episode of Superfriends vs. The World and we’ve got a hugely important show with a guest that holds a special place in Big D’s heart – his fiance – Alessandra. She is the founder and CEO of Jeranemoe, an organization that she hopes will make changes and improve conditions by fighting bullying – both for children AND adults in the workplace. We’ll talk to Alessandra about her goals, take a personal history lesson on bullying, talk about the effects, and what can and will be done! Download the show now and support the cause!

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Superfriends vs. The World #099 – The Dark Secrets of Power Rangers Part 2 (w/ Dan Pearce)

It’s PART TWO of our SPECIAL look back at 20 years of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and our interview with Dan Pearce, the Red Ranger of Dan’s Toku Rants! On this edition, we cover such unbelievable topics as behind the scenes with the writing teams, an in-depth conversation about BOTH Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movies, the David Yost controversy, actors on Power Rangers GOING INTO BUSINESS FOR THEMSELVES, the departure of the actors, the absolute INSANITY of Tracy Lynn Cruz, AND hear about how Jason David Frank almost CHOKED OUT DAN IN REAL LIFE!! You gotta see it to believe it!

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Superfriends vs. The World #098 – The Dark Secrets of Power Rangers Part 1 (w/ Dan Pearce)

Join us on a special Superfriends vs. The World as we celebrate 20 years of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as the founder and president of Dan’s Toku Rants – Dan Pearce joins us for part 1 of an exciting two part show! A force in the online PR community, Dan recounts his early Power Ranger memories and the origins of the show in this country and its Super Sentai counterparts. Get ready to hear TONS of stories on the behind the scenes of MMPR as we enter the dark side of the Morphing Grid featuring some AWESOME insider info such as – Amy Jo Johnson’s fear of obsessive fans, Saban’s intentions to port over Super Sentai IN THE 80s, booking/writing regimes, smelly monster suits, too many explosions – PLUS – THE FAILURE of Forever Red, the atrocious 2010 MMPR reboot, AND find out how Austin St. John IS OUT OF HIS MIND! THIS IS MUST LISTEN STUFF!

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Superfriends vs. The World #097 – Inside the JFK Conspiracy Vol II (w/ Markren)

Emperor Big D and Markren return for part 2 of our discussion about the JFK Assassination as it reaches its 50th Anniversary. This time, we complete our discussion in talking about the AFTERMATH of the JFK murder, the complete negligence of the witnesses who didn’t follow their story, the mysterious deaths surrounding the witnesses, and some talk about the JFK movie from Oliver Stone. Enjoy!

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Superfriends vs. The World #096 – Inside the JFK Conspiracy Vol I (w/ Markren)

The 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination is upon us and Superfriends vs. The World evolves knowledge once again as the Emperor Big D is joined by long time JFK researcher, who has looked into this murder for the better part of two decades, the legendary Markren, as we travel back to that fateful day in Dallas, Texas, More