2600 Reasons to Play: X Man (Video) NSFW

Hoi Dhlee. This week on 2600 Reasons to play Mr. Eddie takes a fan request and reviews X Man on the Atari 2600. While the President of Edmerica went into this review hoping to be playing an action game based on the Marvel franchise those hopes were quickly dashed in the wackiest way possible!

2600 Reasons to Play: Haunted House (video)

It’s FINALLY the weekend. What better way to celebrate than to kick back, relax, and watch a Mr. Eddie video? 😀 (DHLEE!) This week it’s a new episode of 2600 Reasons to Play where I take a look at what might, possibly… maybe… perhaps… be the ancestor of all survival horror games. Perhaps this video isn’t for the faint of heart… but don’t worry, Mr. Eddie will be your guide.

2600 Reasons To Play: Bezerk (Video)

It’s time for another video edition of 2600 Reasons To Play, the only Edmerican video series that looks back at the games for the classic Atari system. This time we’re taking a look at the Atari port of the arcade classic: Bezerk. Feel free to send any feedback, such as other games you’d like me to look at to: SuperfriendEd@Gmail.com. Also, be sure to like comment and subscribe! (That’s what all the cool kids on Youtube do, right?)

2600 Reasons To Play: KaBoom! (Video)

I’m back, did you miss me? Since everyone’s been so patient waiting for the newest 2600 reasons to play I thought I’d do something a little different. I made this video of me playing KaBoom and giving you a little oversight into the game itself. I hope you enjoy, please send all feedback to me at SuperfriendEd@Gmail.com or just leave a thumbs up and a comment on the video. If this was enjoyed, I’ll do other 2600 videos in a similar format. Enjoy!

2600 Reasons To Play: Barnstorming

I just noticed my Atari 2600 has been gathering dust so that means its time to dust it off and bust out a brand new 2600 Reasons To Play. Grab your flying goggles and wrap your black 8-bit scarf around your neck because we’re going to take our lives (and joysticks) into our hands as we perform dangerous aerial stunts. Today, we will be BARNSTORMING!


2600 Reasons To Play: Space Invaders

Hey there, welcome to 2600 Reasons to Play, and since we are at end of Japanuary I figured I would look at the 2600 port of one of the biggest games to come out of Japan ever. Way before Japan gave us blockbuster games like Biohazard (aka: Resident Evil) and Dragon Quest (aka: Final Fantasy )

Big D: “Asshole.”

Before any of the modern day blockbusters, there was a simple game about alien invaders from Taico released in 1978. A game so insanely popular that it caused a 100 Yen coin shortage in Japan due to so many of those coins being inside these machines. A game that was such a hit that by the height of the video game boom in 1982 it had grossed 2 billion dollars world wide! That game, of course, is Space Invaders, easily one of the most popular video games of all time.